Yveneka Lestin, Media Specialist



Yveneka Lestin is a Storytelling Strategist and Publicist who jump started her career in college when she was hired as publicist for the President of Black Lives Matter NY. While in college, nearly everything that she learned was a triple combo of self-taught through research, experience or emulating public figures she admires. She brings a wealth of experience having worked closely with a wide range of socially-driven individuals and organizations bringing them to national and international prominence. Yveneka is all about relationships – building them, nurturing them and serving them. She thrives on storytelling, building scalable campaigns and thought leadership. A New York native from Flatbush and a daughter of Haitian immigrants, a big part of what makes her so passionate about public relations is the opportunity it gives her to help make the voices of individuals who look like her heard. Yveneka received her B.A. in Strategic Communications from Hampton University.